Friday, March 10, 2023

Eight-Story Residential Set To Rise at 5035 N Sheridan

5035 N. Sheridan from DLG Management (48th Ward Office)

We told you back in August about the one story retail buildings spanning 5033-5045 N Sheridan selling for $2.6M, and now we know what to expect for the site.

Ald. Osterman's office just released a rendering showing the residential building with retail space that will rise eight stories on the NE corner of Sheridan and Carmen. A total of 77 residential units with 40 parking spaces is planned for the site, with demolition/construction slated to begin the week of March 13. The site is being developed "as-of-right" with no zoning change requested. There will be no affordable units.

The current retail buildings at 5033-45 Sheridan (UU)


  1. Can someone tell me where all these residents are coming from? Chicago is losing population, but we're steady building apartments. I just want to know what they do for a living and can afford the rents.

    1. the population is being more centralized ; essentially away from the areas with no transit to areas with transit.

    2. The population increased from 2010 to 2020 contrary to all the estimates and what the media said. The same program that said the city lost population from 2010 to 2020 (when it didn't) is the same exact one being used for the 2021 estimates. It was way off for both Chicago and NYC and shouldn't be trusted.

      Furthermore, most of these north side areas including Uptown has grown and still estimated to be growing. Looking at an entire city and thinking that the trend is literally in every corner is naive, no offense. Stop parroting data that has been shown to not be factual.