Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Run-Off Elections on April 4th Will Decide Chicago's Next Mayor, 46th & 48th Ward Aldermen

Kim Walz will face Angela Clay 

Joe Dunne will face Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth  

With so many candidates running, it's not a surprise that no candidate received more than 50% of the vote in many contests around the city, including the mayoral contest. Uptowners will go to the polls again on Tuesday, April 4th, to decide the winners of the 46th and 48th aldermanic races, as well as join the rest of the city in deciding on a new mayor.

With 100 percent of the precincts counted in the 46th Ward, this is how it shakes out:

Angela Clay                4,598 votes (34.80%)
Kim Walz                    3,476 votes (26.31%)
Marianne Lalonde        2,290 votes (17.33%)
Patrick Nagle                1,613 votes (12.21%)
Roushaunda Williams    988 votes (7.48%)
Michael Cortez                249 votes (1.88%)

Total Votes: 13,214

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting in the 48th Ward, it goes like this:

Joe Dunne                                   3,835 votes (27.45%)
Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth       3,009 votes (21.54%)
Nick Ward                                    2,588 votes (18.53%)
Isaac Freilich Jones                    1,421 votes (10.17%)
Larry Svabek                                  904 votes (6.47%)
Roxanne Volkmann                       794 votes (5.68%)
Andy Peters                                    515 votes (3.69%)
Nassir Faulkner                              354 votes (2.53%)
Andre Peloquin                              341 votes (2.44%)
Brian J. Haag                                  208 votes (1.49%)

Total Votes: 13,969

Matt Martin ran unopposed in the 47th Ward, and received 100% of the 13,784 votes cast.

The mayoral election saw Mayor Lightfoot conceding the race less than two hours after polls closed. The voters will choose between Paul Vallas (approximately 34% of the vote) and Brandon Johnson (approximately 20% of the vote).

The official tallies will continue to change slightly, as mailed-in ballots arrive over the next few days, and vote-by-mail ballots that were turned in today at polling places are counted. All early voting votes, mailed-in votes that were received through today, and in-person votes have been tallied in the above totals.

Get ready for April 4th!


  1. I'd like to congratulate Matt Martin for his stunning and unexpected victory.

    I don't know enough about the candidates in the 48th to say anything.

    As for the 46th the games afoot.

    I expected that a Clay/Walz runoff was likely.

    Clay did really well and so did CTU. She benefited from Brandon Johnson doing so well and she probably helped him a bit in the ward.

    I'll leave it at that for tonight, but come Thursday it's gonna be nearly five weeks of me being able to troll our socialist and anti incarceration betters.

    I'm taking tomorrow off to consult with the Dalai Lama on how I should approach this.

    Both sides in the Mayoral and 46th ward races should look at this as a one vote race. That means working, working and working.

    No one can say with certainty who the ultimate winners will be.

    It wouldn't be the 46th Ward if it were gonna be easy.

    1. https://46thwardresidentforsanityanddiners.blogspot.com/2023/03/politics-aint-beanbag-made-famous-by-fp.html

      I just spent the last few hours writing a post which I think is important. Forgive me for not hyperlinking it correctly.

      I had hoped to end my "IrishPirate" shtick and ride off into the sunset on my unicycle, but seems the election genies and leprechauns are taunting me into one last annoying five weeks.

      I created this persona to annoy Shiller and her supporters. Didn't matter in 2007 she won.

      May have contributed to her not running in 2011 or not. Ultimately didn't matter than time either because Cappleman won handily and would have won handily without my silly commentary.

      In 2015 it didn't matter because he once again won and would have won even if I had never moved to Uptown.

      Perhaps in 2019 I made a difference in the 25 vote race, but ultimately Cappleman's hard work and the good will he and his husband Richard engendered in their decades in the ward made a difference.

      This time maybe I'll make a difference or not. Maybe Clay will win and perhaps Walz will win no matter what I do, but I choose to do something.

      Angela Clay is the wrong person to be as she may put it "an alder", She's a socialist who emulates, admires and has the endorsement of the former alderwoman who has a "Fuck the Police" sign in her window.

      On the same day a Chicago cop was murdered on the SW side that speaks to me.

      Voting matters. Choices matter.

  2. According to the BOE website as of last night, there were 3K of unreturned ballots for the 46th ward. Depending on how many of those were dropped in the mail by the deadline, that could signficantly alter the final vote totals - there were only 13K and change counted when the results were published Tuesday night.

    1. As of tonight the overall percentages are about the same.

      14,123 total votes.

      Angela Clay 35.27%
      Kim Walz 26.01%
      Marianne Lalonde BLAH BLAH
      Patrick Nagle BLAH BLAH
      Roushaunda Williams BLAH BLAH
      Michael Cortez BLAH BLAH

      It's gonna be an interesting 32 days and nights.

      Every vote counts and it might be tight.