Friday, August 12, 2022

Clarendon Park Fieldhouse Renovation Ready to Start

Thanks to a tip from a reader, we have learned the long overdue multimillion dollar renovation of Clarendon Park Fieldhouse has received approval to start construction.

Booth Hansen Architects / Chicago Park District

For those who have been following this saga, the fieldhouse was once part of a beautiful and much larger structure that served as beachhouse when Lake Michigan extended to where DuSable Lake Shore Drive is today. Infill moved the park and beachfront further to the east, and the fieldhouse was modified to fit a park use.

The fieldhouse has had numerous structural issues over the years and was once close to demolition. Local residents joined with preservation organizations, most notably Preservation Chicago, and convinced the Chicago Park District to renovate, rather than replace the building.

Although the approval and construction of 811 Uptown was controversial and even opposed by people sitting on the Clarendon Park Advisory Council, the new building and Clarendon Montrose TIF provided most of the necessary funds for the renovation, with $6.9 million in TIF and $4.6 million from Montrose Clarendon Partners LLC.

More details on the renovation, along with some beautiful renderings of what Uptown residents can expect, can be found here. (PDF link)

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