Saturday, February 12, 2022

Rakkan and Rollin! Ramen Is Coming To Broadway

                                                                                                        Rakkan Ramen (

For a few years now, Japanese ramen stalwart Rakkan Ramen has been teasing that the Tokyo-based chain will be expanding into Chicago, with three new stores in the plans.

Now we know the first Chicago location will open in late spring in Uptown at 4926 N. Broadway.

Rakkan Ramen was started in Japan in 2011 by Ryohei Ito and this first Illinois location will join the original 7 locations in Japan, the original U.S. location in Los Angeles, and stores opened in California, Colorado, Georgia, Texas and Nevada.   

Rakkan is known for their plant-based broth, and we expect they will be a great ramen bookend for the pork-based broth at Uptown tonkatsu stalwart Futatsuki Ramen, which we understand is still working to reopen after the 2020 fire at 4621 N. Broadway.

Expect signature ramens (Amber, Pearl, Garnet, Quartz) along with rice bowls, dumplings and more.

Excited for summer trips for ramen!

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