Friday, August 13, 2021

Lawrence Closed This Weekend For Round-The-Clock Viaduct Demolition

If you're around the area of Lawrence and the Red Line tracks this weekend, be aware that there will be a full street closure from Friday night until Monday morning while the viaduct is demolished.

This is part of the RPM total rebuild of the tracks and stations between Leland and Bryn Mawr.

Work will commence at 8pm on Friday, August 13th and will end by 5am Monday, August 16th (continuous around the clock work). It will affect West Lawrence Avenue between North Clifton Avenue and North Winthrop Avenue.

CTA says this is how the area will be affected:
  • W. Lawrence Avenue between N. Clifton Avenue and N. Winthrop Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic.
  • Sidewalks within the work zone on both sides of the streets will be closed.
  • Access to businesses on W. Lawrence Avenue will be maintained.
  • Residents north of W. Lawrence Avenue will need to access the alley via W. Ainslie Street.
  • Residents south of W. Lawrence Avenue will need to access the alley via W. Leland Avenue.
  • The alley behind 4700-4752 N. Winthrop Avenue may be intermittently blocked due to truck traffic.
  • There will be noise while work is being performed, including nighttime noise:
    • General construction noise
    • Loud noise from viaduct demolition
    • Running air compressors, excavators, and generators
    • Use of pneumatic and gas/impact tools
    • Beeping for backup alarms on vehicles
    • Flagging horns

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