Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Daycare Center Coming To Beacon Street

4530 N. Beacon (Loopnet)

We've received a few inquiries as to what was taking place at 4530 N. Beacon, which is currently undergoing interior construction. 4530 is one of the hidden gems of Sheridan Park, a building that was likely beautiful when built but fell on hard times.

Neighbors might recall that this was formerly the Methodist Youth Services building back in the early 2000s.  Since that time, the building has functioned as storage for the neighboring rehab center and we grew accustomed to having the building empty.

From chatter on local block club pages, it appears there had been at least one proposal to buy the building, demolish it, and replace it with a multi-unit building.  It appears Beacon Block Club denied the proposal, and the contingent sale fell through.  The building then remained vacant waiting for a new owner. 

4530 finally sold in August, however, for $680,000, and we have been watching for what's next.  

According to new building permits, we now know that a daycare center is planned to fill the building. From the permits, the structure will be completely rehabbed and a new metal deck and stairs will be added to the rear. 

As soon as we know the daycare operator, we will update the post.  We are very pleased that the building has been saved, and especially pleased to have another daycare option for local parents.



  1. It was built as a two-flat, with really big flats: the footprint is 35x100. When it was listed in 2004, there were 5 bedrooms on each of the two floors. Two-flats aren't in style right now, but if the day-care center ever decides to close ...

  2. This is excellent! If the daycare operator happens to see this post, they should provide some contact information so that parents with potential kids can get some info up front.

  3. Great news , however it is not completely clear, I maybe wrong but was it not BBC an RS3 zoning? If so and it is a for profit / private daycare owner, was a zoning change not required? Just asking , good news though