Saturday, February 29, 2020

Interested In Getting More Involved With Your Local CPS School? Join The LSC

Ald. Cappleman sent out a "Call To Action" on Friday encouraging residents to get involved with their Local School Councils. You don't have to be a parent or alum to help guide the future of the schools.

"Dear Neighbor,

Local School Councils (LSCs) serve as the representative body of each school, and are made up of teacher, parent, and community representatives. LSCs serve as a crucial democratic institution in our schools. They allow teachers, parents, and neighbors to make important decisions around each student's educational experience.

Local School Councils carry out four important functions:
  • Approving the school based academic plan (CIWP)
  • Approving the alignment of budgetary resources to the CIWP
  • Engaging in the annual evaluation of contract principal's professional practices
  • Selecting or renewing contract principals

This is why I am encouraging ALL members of our community to consider running in the upcoming LSC election! The upcoming 2020 LSC elections will be held on Wednesday, April 22 for elementary schools and on Thursday, April 23 for high schools.  Please consider playing a crucial role in our education system and supporting your local school community.

We are also looking for neighbors to serve as LSC election judges. Election judges will be paid for their time and are essential for a smooth election process!

If you are interested in running or serving as a judge, you may pick up the application forms from the school for which you intend to run or from our ward office. School information can be found below.

Applications to run as a candidate must be turned in to the school for which you intend to run as a candidate by March 5th, 2020. 

Applications to serve as election judge may be submitted to any CPS school hosting an LSC election or to the Office of Local School Council Relations by March 12, 2020.

While all schools need representatives, some schools have specific needs and would love your support:
  • Brennemann elementary is looking for more parent and community representative applications
  • McCutcheon elementary is looking for more community representative applications
  • Greeley elementary is is need of two election judges

Thank you for your dedication to our school community!

Our Schools Need YOU!
  • Joseph Brennemann Elementary School, 4251 N. Clarendon Ave., 773-534-5766
  • Mary E. Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center, 4420 N. Beacon St., 773-534-5766
  • Horace Greeley Elementary School, 832 W. Sheridan Rd., 773-534-5800
  • John T. McCutcheon Elementary School, 4865 N. Sheridan Rd., 773-534-2680
  • Uplift Community High School, 900 W. Wilson Ave., 773-534-2875
  • Walt Disney Magnet School, 4140 N. Marine Dr., 773-534-5840

Questions? Contact the Office of Local School Council Relations
2651 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL 60612

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