Saturday, August 3, 2019

4700 North Racine To Get Interior Rehab, According to Building Permit

Painting of Darlington Hotel
by Lowell Thompson
The new owner of the Darlington Hotel, a subsidiary of Elmdale Partners, has been granted a building permit to remodel and modernize the interior of the building, creating 48 new units from 64 existing units. The estimated cost of rehab is $800,000.

The description on the permit reads, "De-conversion from existing 64 unit Class A-2 residential multiple dwellings - single room occupancy to a 48 unit Class A-2 residential multiple dwellings - apartment building.interior alterations, new electrical service & distribution, new plumbing service & distribution, new a/c units."

The building was sold by long-time owners, the Dolins family, in March of 2019 for $2,750,000.

According to property records, it was built in 1911. We're not sure if it was originally called the Darlington Hotel, but Polk's Street Directory from 1928 shows that the name was in use by that time.


  1. yea,but after looking into the plan,as a uptown social activist
    i have concern- that with all the affordable housing, and sro preservation rhetoric and legislation. NOT ONE apartment was designated or allotted to senior, or affordable units! wasn't there a clause designating a percentage of units. i understand, but it seems some developers just go for the cash regardless of civic duties.

    1. Their civic duty is to either have a certain percentage of affordable units, or pay a fee. They chose to pay the fee. Your issue might be with city hall for having this ordinance, not the developer who is following the guidelines set out for them...