Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Building Going Up at Lawrence & Ashland; Auto Service Moves To Uptown

The cars, photos, and retro decor have been moved out of 4757 North Ashland, as the site is being readied for a four-story, 39-unit residential rental building with ground-floor retail.

As we posted last January, there will be 36 two-bedroom apartments and three one-bedroom apartments in the new building, as well as indoor parking for 35 cars and ample bike parking. See here for more details. The latest rendering, only slightly changed from the first one, is below.

Lawrence and Ashland Auto Service, the long-time business at the site, has many loyal and dedicated customers, a few of who asked us if we knew where the shop was moving.

We reached out to Tom Baker, the owner, who replied today:

"We are at our sister location, 5156 N Broadway,  starting 12/12/18.

By the way, this was our second location way back. We will still give the same service and same phones. Signs have been posted as well. 

Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Tom Baker 


  1. Does anybody think that there is "over" building of these apartment buildings in Chicago? Like the bubble will burst within a few years?

    1. Unless I'm a developer or investor, it doesn't affect me. Think of it as supply-and-demand. The fewer apartments, the higher the prices they command. The more apartments, the more competitive the prices. Lordy, how far our neighborhood has progressed when people moan about too many market rate apartments!