Thursday, December 13, 2018

All Aboard Uptown's Smallest Trains

WTTW did a feature on one of Uptown's hidden treasures, the model railroad set-up at Clarendon Park Fieldhouse (4501 North Clarendon).

If you've never been there, you're missing out! The Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club has quarterly open houses, and is also open to visitors on Friday evenings (except the first Friday of each month). The last Friday of each month is especially good!

An excerpt from the article, which can be found here:
Since 1947, members of the Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club have bonded over a shared love of model trains.

The hobbyist group originally met in Garfield Park, but moved to the Clarendon Park fieldhouse in 1963, hence its name.

Garfield Central Railroad – the group’s current layout which was designed in the mid-1970s – is based on mid-20th century Appalachian coal country and measures more than 1,500 feet long.

“It takes about half an hour for a train to make one loop completely around the circuit here,” said Dan Gould, president of the club. “One of the features of the layout here is we have all hand-laid track.”

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