Thursday, August 9, 2018

Weiss Plaza Renovations Continue As New Facade Appears

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The renovations continue at Weiss Plaza, at Sheridan and Lawrence. Thankfully the black plastic bag phase of the project is done, and new facades have begun to go up.

Let's hope the new look attracts some quality retailers. The existing businesses need them as anchors. It can't have been easy getting through a long construction project when there's no signage to indicate what businesses are in the Plaza.

Family Dollar was a great draw for the other retailers in the plaza. We hope that the store on Broadway can move to this location when it closes for construction of the 4601 Broadway mixed-use midrise. The north space was, after all, most recently a Family Dollar.


  1. No Family Dollar, please. We've tried that experiment.

  2. That Family Dollar went out of business. They weren't even a great draw for themselves, let alone any other businesses...