Friday, March 16, 2018

Permit Issued For Weiss Plaza Renovation

A taste of what to expect at Lawrence & Sheridan (CR&M)
A renovation permit valued at $500,000 was issued yesterday by the city to the owner of Weiss Plaza at 4800 N. Sheridan, who plans to give the strip mall a much needed facelift.

The CR&M Real Estate brochure gives us a peek of what to expect, shown above. It will certainly be an improvement over what is currently there. The two largest spaces in the mall are currently empty after JJ Peppers and Family Dollar vacated them.

We hope that this renovation will attract a couple of quality retailers. If you are looking for retail space, contact Todd J. Cabanban at 312-477-0342 or


  1. I really don't see what they're getting for half a million bucks. It's spruced up--a little. But its still just a damn strip mall, on a site that would be ideal for a TOD. Maybe a TOD of distinguished architecture (hey, I can dream, right?).

  2. Replies
    1. Transit Oriented Development.

    2. "T.O.D." = "Transit.Oriented.Development."
      ....See Link Here:

  3. All strip malls should bulldozed in the city. They're ugly and more ideal for suburbs. Someone needs to buy this and turn it into condos.

  4. In one of the most wonderfully dense urban northside neighborhoods and on what should be one of the most densely built up corners (Lawrence and Sheridan), you have a suburban car-oriented development that is half parking lot meeting that corner. It is a travesty. There needs to be a 6-8 story building (lot line to lot line) mixed use development there with retail on the first floor and apartments above. The property being so close to the Lawrence Red Line Stop could support at least 100 people living there.

  5. Everyone complaining about this strip mall needs to understand that there are plenty of people in Uptown who own cars and depend on them to accomplish various tasks. I have a disability and because of this parking lot, I am able to patronize businesses here. Not everyone is able-bodied, and the Lawrence red line stop is not even handicap accessible, so its proximity to this development is moot.