Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weiss Plaza Family Dollar To Close In August

Family Dollar at Lawrence & Sheridan
A reader writes in:
"Just got home from Family Dollar in Weiss Plaza and was told by one of the workers that this location would be closing in August and that all sales from here on out are final. Surprising since this location has only been open about 1.5 years."

Update: A reader on Facebook shared a Forbes article from April stating that Family Dollar is closing 370 stores across the country due to disappointing financial performance.


  1. I wonder how long before the Family Dollar on Broadway has before IT closes, as it's hard to tell if they're doing a lot of business.

  2. I'm all broken up about that (extra sarcasm). Dollar stores and that shopping mentality are great drivers of the U.S. quest for the bottom. The few minimum wage jobs w/no benefits which retailers like these create do not add any real value to our economy or our community. Lowest common denominator is seldom a net positive.

  3. I was really happy with the store and how Weiss Plaza has been cleaning up it's act. I'm sorry to see them leave.

  4. That Family Dollar seemed to attract various "riff raff". I frequently saw people loitering in front and not much being done about it.

  5. Not at all sorry this Family Dollar is closing, as it has since the beginning poor customer service and a manager that is always absent. Notice the condition of the floors, always dirty.

  6. I snapped a picture once of this store. Staff were sitting on the floor eating Cheetos, drinking apple juice. Merchandise was strewn throughout, floors dirty, boxes packed up high. That store was in shambles! I am curios to see what would do well in that location?

    1. unfortunately a gun shop or another liquor store!

  7. Hopefully the one on Broadway goes too.