Friday, July 27, 2018

New Fine Dining Restaurant Brass Heart To Open August 21st

Brass Heart, the self-described "progressive fine dining restaurant in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood," has announced its opening date will be August 21st. The fare will be a "tasting menu," with 12 to 15 small courses.

Like 42 Grams, in whose former space it will open (4662 N Broadway), it will require prepaid reservations, booked online.

Like 42 Grams, it will be "destination dining" for foodies with deep pockets ($165-$185 per meal, according to the website). There will be room for 20 diners at a time in the small storefront.

Like 42 Grams, it will feature the gastronomic creations of a local chef with an intriguing reputation, in this case, Matt Kerney, formerly of Longman & Eagle.

You can read more about it in this interview with Matt Kerney in the Tribune and in this article about the team assisting him from Eater Chicago.

We hope, like 42 Grams, that it makes people think twice about what they expect from Uptown. We hope for raves about the little off-the-beaten-track restaurant that attracts people seeking new eating experiences. We wish Chef Kerney much success in this adventure.

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