Saturday, June 16, 2018

Copper Cornice Comeback

Newly constructed copper cornice meets the 109 year old cornice
The Stewart School Lofts are nearing completion as new residents move into the unique floorplans to enjoy amenities like a gorgeous rooftop deck with beautiful views of the city.

Outside, Morningside Development has been hard at work with tuckpointing, installing a new roof and repairing the copper cornice that was sagging in sections and in danger of falling completely off.
Take a good look at the copper cornice as this is how the cornice would have looked shortly after construction was completed in 1905. The green cornice we know so well is the result of how copper patinas over time. We assume that it will be helped along in the aging process so that it matches the rest of the cornice. Either way, it looks gorgeous.

We love seeing buildings in Uptown brought back to their former glory.
Graeme Stewart School, shortly after completion in 1905 (B Latoza)


  1. So sad to see a place where kids use to learn & play is just a memory.

  2. But's it's being beautifully restored, (for another use of course), and going to be on the tax rolls to support our neighborhood....

  3. Gotta figure that thieves will figure out a way to steal them now that it is clear to everyone thanks to the polish job that they are made out of copper.