Saturday, June 16, 2018

Excessive Heat Warning Today Through Monday Night

It's gonna be crazy hot and humid through Monday night, with little relief after the sun sets. WGN says that "Conditions similar to the 1995 deadly heat wave could evolve." This is serious stuff. So we urge you to not only be careful for yourself, but for your pets and most vulnerable neighbors.

While you may have air conditioning, not everyone does, so please remember to check in on neighbors and friends who may not, or who don't want to use it due to costs. Every year we have the sad duty of reporting the heat-related death of someone in Uptown, usually someone who lives alone and is found in a closed-up home. Let's do our collective best to not let that happen this summer.

Below is the City's flyer on how to handle the heat. Remember that
  • several of Uptown's parks have water features to keep kids cool
  • there's a cooling center at 845 West Wilson (at Hazel) 
  • Gill Park, Chase Park, Welles Park and Uplift High School have public swimming pools
  • libraries, police stations, and park fieldhouses are cooling centers as well
And this shouldn't have to be said, but don't leave your kids or your pets in a parked car. Call 911 immediately if you see this.

Good luck! May the blackouts be few and may the weather get temperate soon.

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