Monday, May 14, 2018

Crane, Crane, Go Away

With the windows completed on the glass-clad exterior of the main 811 Uptown building on the former Maryville property, the construction crane was being disassembled on Sunday. Now the interior build-out begins. It can't be too much longer before Treasure Island is ready for shoppers.

And, oh how we hope that the giant Pothole from Hell on Clarendon immediately north of Montrose is fixed soon. That is one treacherous driving area.

The building in the background is 4343 Clarendon, the first high-rise designed by famed architect Stanley Tigerman.

Thank you to reader SS for submitting this photo.


  1. Any idea why Treasure Island thought it would be advantageous to open their doors ~1,000 feet from a Jewel?

    1. ....As a *Guess* (don't really *Know*)!! ....But, perhaps they expect that their higher pricing, and more upscale products lines; ....Will be more appealing to the expected increase in the more *Upscale*, and upper income shopping types. (Shrugs shoulders!!)

    2. Perhaps because they’re about the same distance away from Jewel on Broadway south of Addison...and have done just fine there for decades?