Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Adiós, El Pollo Loco

Finally the news we've been waiting for at Wilson and Sheridan! Demo has begun at the site of the former El Pollo Loco, which has sat unused for nearly eight and a half years.

The neighbor who sent these photos to us says, "So excited for that eyesore to come down!" We completely agree.

The large piece of machinery is an excavator. Presumably after it's done its job, construction will be able to begin on the TOD mid-rise building at that corner.


  1. The reason why this property remained vacant so long was because El Pollo Loco had a lease on the property even though they were closed. The property owner was content on accepting monthly lease payments and wasn't motivated to sell the property. It all changed when El Pollo Loco filed for bankruptcy and stopped their payments, thus the land was placed on the market. Burger King wanted to purchase the property and build back their restaurant that had been there once before. They asked me for a curb cut, but I refused to grant it because we needed a greater variety of restaurants for that area. Clayco presented their plans and the rest is history.

  2. Hey, some of us love flame broiled Burger King hamburgers.

    Sure, the building there is better for the neighborhood, but can't fast food addicts have their needs met in Uptown like the caffeine freaks?

    If I had known I'd have started a group called UCFBK--Uptown Citizens for Burger King and against vowels in acronyms.

    Then we'd have marched on your office dressed in the creepy BK mascot masks and denounced you as anti flame broiled burgers.

    Of course the vegetarian and vegan communities would have rallied to you in response, but the anti whatever you do brigade would have supported us. "More burgers, less housing would have been their chant."