Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Superheroes (Junior Size) Assemble This Sunday At Chase Park

A day of superhero adventure awaits at Chase Park! Let your mighty little ones discover their superhero powers, strengths and virtues as they explore their favorite hero's sanctum. Chase Park will be taken over by the Chicago Park Superheroes Guild and transformed into the Superhero Training Academy.

Your super child's goal will be to earn Justice Badges from each individual superhero station with the mission of completing all tasks to receive their official superhero certification. Strength train like The Hulk, race like Superman, conquer the Avengers' obstacle course and master all stations in the name of fun!

While becoming a superhero, your little one can fuel up on power goodies, practice their amazing set of talents with their new superhero friends and participate in story time, arts n' crafts and superhero themed open gym! Parents, call upon your little superheroes - the city needs their help to save the day, SUPERHEROES ASSEMBLE!

Register at www.ChicagoSuperheroes.com. The cost is $10 plus processing fee per child. There is no charge for parents or guardians.

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