Friday, March 30, 2018

Cedar Street's Redevelopment Of 5050 N. Broadway About To Begin

5050 N. Broadway (Booth Hansen Architects)
The current state of 5050 N. Broadway (Google)
This is a big one, boys and girls!

Nearly two years after the last community meeting (these things take time), the first phase of Cedar Street's massive redevelopment of the 5000 block of N. Broadway is about to begin with the Aon Building at 5050 N. Broadway. The main structure of the building will remain but modern windows will be installed. The project falls under the wards of both Ald. Osterman and Ald. Pawar. Check out the full plans here for a refresher.

From Ald. Osterman:
"Work on the redevelopment of 5050 N. Broadway to a mixed-use residential building will begin soon. All pedestrian walkways will remain open throughout construction. Abatement to begin week of April 1 in the Tower building, and move into the rest of the building May 1. A three-month demolition period is planned. Tentative window replacement is scheduled for January 2019."

For perspective, 5050 N. Broadway is in top right corner (Booth Hansen)


  1. Excellent news for that stretch of Broadway.

    Those ugly ass W. Clement Stone built monstrosities have ruined that stretch of Broadway since 1962 or so? Horrid.

    Broadway looking up from 4500 N to 5100 N.

    How sweet it is.

    1. Thanks to Mr Stone my ma, his personal secretary was able to also improve the neighborhood with her purchase of the only million dollar condominium penthouse at 1000 west Leland ParVenu

    2. MY mother worked there also. She god not afford a million dollar condominium but she had good health insurance. That policy paid for 24/7 at home nursing care for about tow years.

  2. Is that a rooftop basketball court in that third photo?!?!?