Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chance The Rapper Visited Uptown Last Night

Guess who showed up at the Pedersen-McCormick Boys and Girls Club on Friday night? Chance the Rapper made an unannounced appearance to help distribute winter clothing to club members. He stayed for a couple of hours giving autographs, talking to the attendees, and posing for photos.

The Pedersen-McCormick club, located at 4832 N Sheridan, is one of 23 Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, which serve 17,000 youth annually. Their services, activities, and after-school programs are available to anyone between the ages of 6 and 18. Membership is $20 per year.

This isn't Chance's first unannounced visit to Uptown. Last March, he visited Courtenay School for a career fair. Good guy, that Chance.

More photos of Chance and the club members are below. Click to enlarge.


  1. Here's a kid that made it and is giving it all back. Then you got Bill Gates and Oprah doing everything for Africa. It gets a little hard for me to understand it all.
    Hey Chance, I may not like your music but I do admire you as a person...

    1. Wow what a back handed compliment.

    2. ....Um_Ur, Mister Paul, (IMHO) you are perfectly right in your admiration for Chance. ....As I also agree with you in thinking that Chance appears to be a fine young man. ....Now while I agree with you, and your opinion of Chance, I TOTALLY_DISAGREE with you about Bill Gates, and Oprah. ....Bill, and Oprah are simply helping people in need, and helping the people of this Planet who need the help the most!! ....Did you NOT notice that all of the children pictured in this article seem healthy, and well fed!!?? ....Did you NOT notice that none them were laying on the floor with thighs as big around as my thumb, and too weak blink, as Flies walked across their eyeballs!!?? ....I for one *COMMEND_&_ADMIRE* Bill, and Oprah for helping the neediest of US in *"THE_HUMAN_RACE"*, namely those Africans you seem to despise!!!

      ....As far as helping others goes I personally *"ADMIRE"* them *ALL*, Bill, Oprah, and Chance!! ....And unlike you, *Despise_None*!!

    3. #ImWithChiLarry... However, you should question billionaires: Do they have people or profit at the center of the work they do?!

  2. a quick google search proves your opinion incorrect and misleading.

  3. Well you keep waiting on Bill and Oprah. I'll leave my door open for Chance. We'll see who gets a visit first.

  4. Okay -- Chance did something good. Kids are happy, we are happy. Let's not find reasons to argue on a feel-good story.