Sunday, January 21, 2018

Don't Get Conned By The Armani Jacket Scam

The international "Armani Jacket Scam" has come to Uptown, according to a reader. He or she says,
"Please warn Uptown residents about this individual driving around the neighborhood pretending he is lost asking for directions to the airport. He has a thick Italian accent. He claims he is in town for a fashion show and works for Armani.

He claims he has a box of jackets he does not want to take back to Italy because of duty taxes and will try to sell it to you. Evidently these goods are counterfeit. This is the second time I bumped into this perp."
According to photos, the man is driving a silver Jeep with Minnesota plates. If you are approached by anyone with an offer to buy jackets, call 911 to report a con game. You can also call your local police district's CAPS Office if you have any details that might help identify him. South of Lawrence is the 19th District (312-744-0064) and north of Lawrence is the 20th District (312-742-8714).

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