Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shots Fired On Wilson Avenue; Suspect In Custody and Guns Recovered

Photo posted on UU's Facebook page by reader KM

This chapter of the gang war that's going on between the idiots who claim to own turf in Clarendon Park and the idiots who claim to own turf in Sheridan Park continues.

Sunday night, readers reported hearing multiple shots fired around Hazel and Montrose (Clarendon Park). There were no reports of injuries or property damage, but the shooters took off in a black car with police in pursuit. They abandoned the car at Broadway and Foster and took off by foot. The alleged driver was taken into custody. We hear he is a familiar name to 19th District police.

Since these guys think they always have to exact revenge, the action moved to Sheridan Park on Monday. Shots were fired, allegedly from shooters who got out of a car at Magnolia and Wilson (Sheridan Park) around 6:30pm. No one was hit, but several cars in the area were damaged.

Police were on the scene within seconds. They recovered two guns on the ground on Racine Avenue, a block away. A man was taken into custody by Truman College security. The men in the car abandoned the car at the scene, just as Sunday night's alleged shooters did.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • These are targeted hits on other gangbangers. The shooters are not shooting at random people. But it doesn't mean innocent people and their property don't get hit. That's one of the most maddening things about these idiots - they claim turf ownership, but they have no respect for the people or businesses in their so-called territory.
  • The next Sheridan Park CAPS meeting shows up on the 19th District calendar as Thursday, January 11th, at 6:30pm at Courtenay School. This is a special date for the bimonthly meeting, which will resume its schedule on the first Tuesday of the month beginning with March's meeting.
  • If you hear shots fired, or see suspicious activity, call 911. Even if you don't see anything, call and tell the OEMC operator your location and what you've heard. The police can figure out where things are happening by the location of the callers.
  • If you get a rude OEMC operator, tell him/her that you are calling from an area that has had a lot of gang activity lately. If they will not take you seriously, hang up and call again. You can also ask for a supervisor. All 911 calls are taped.
  • If you call and there's a long wait before your call is answered, it's probably because a lot of calls are coming in at that time. Persevere, because ....
  • The number of 911 calls are taken seriously by the police. They use them when deciding how to distribute manpower, and they look up the number of calls about a particular location when it is brought up as a gang and drug house, or as a bad business. The number of calls is important.
  • Use your spidey sense. The police have a heavy presence here in Uptown right now because of this inane gang rivalry. But they don't know the neighborhood like those of us who live here. Police say over and over again, we are their eyes and ears. If you see something out of the ordinary, call 911. Make them aware of what is going.
  • Don't judge whether or not the police respond to your call by whether or not you hear sirens. If they are coming to the scene in hopes of catching someone in the act, the last thing they want to do is let the bad guys know they're on the way and how far away they are. Often they communicate via radio inside their cars.
We hate these skirmishes. So many good things are happening in Uptown. Literally millions of dollars have been and continue to be invested into our community. And a few miscreants who are hell-bent on revenge for real or imagined slights are endangering the futures of residents and business owners. It's infuriating.


  1. How about the CPD make a concerted effort to rid the city of these gangs and their turf wars?Is that too much to ask?I'm tired of reading about shootings and the subsequent "investigations". Let's see more active patrolling, arrests and imprisonments.