Tuesday, December 19, 2017

La Primera's Former Owner Opens Clark Haus Across The Street

Many neighbors were saddened to hear of the closing of La Primera grocery store last May. There was talk then that Zack would be opening a new place of his own across the street.

Well, it looks like it has happened. Please welcome "Clark Haus" at 5059 North Clark, which opened Monday.

It has beer, wine, and spirits. There are frozen meals, bakery-fresh cookies, and imported snacks.

It's not a wide storefront, but it's deep, with a lot in stock. The storefront is a handsome one, with exposed brick walls, a butcher-block wood counter, bright lighting, and friendly service.

Hours are 10am to midnight, daily.

Congratulations, and best of luck to Zack! We're glad he's back.


  1. Congratulations I'm so very happy you're back and even closer to me, it's much needed in this area, Happy to welcome you back Gladis and Olga

  2. Congratulations Zack, I'm so happy to welcome you back into our neighborhood we sure missed you Gladis and Olga

  3. Good luck and God bless! Glad you're back Zack. I couldn't stand the poor customer service on Clark and Foster.

  4. Congratulations and welcome back! Can't wait to visit!