Monday, October 9, 2017

Four Story TOD Ready To Rise At Sheridan & Agatite

Quest Realty's upcoming development at Sheridan & Agatite (Hanna Architects)
The lot that has sat vacant since the early 1970s
It was just over a year ago we first told you of Quest Realty's plans for a 4 story transit-oriented development in a vacant lot that has not been residential since Nixon was in office.

The proposal navigated the city's various hoops during the past year and was just granted a construction permit. We are told that excavation could begin as early as Wednesday! The finished product will bring 33 rental units with ground floor retail. One on-site affordable unit and two off-site affordable units will be created as well.

Expect to see the finished development look a bit different than the rendering above as Quest plans to use reclaimed Chicago common brick for the facade to give it a more historic look.

We know neighbors of this long-vacant lot are surely excited to see it contribute to the Sheridan Road streetscape after almost 50 years!


  1. Now if we could only interest Trader Joe's or some other upscale retailer into the old Unique site on the other side of Sheridan.

  2. Um, Chicago common brick is what was used on the sides of older buildings, not the facade ... it's cheaper than the nicer finished bricks that were used on the front of buildings. I don't think this will achieve the look they're going for.