Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How The Gerber Building's "Crown" Will Be Constructed

Blueprints for the Gerber Building's crown (CTA)
In case you were wondering how one of the most anticipated components of the Wilson L rehab will actually be pulled off, look no further than the blueprints above.

We had wondered if the "clock tower" or crown of the Gerber Building would be reconstructed off-site and brought on-site in one piece. That would be incorrect. According to the CTA, the components that will make up the crown jewel of the rehab will be constructed on-site like a sort of jig-saw puzzle. You can see in the lower section of the blueprint that about 15 pieces will come together to complete the Gerber Building's crown, complete with a clock. You might recall that the arched clock tower of the building was removed in the late 1950s. Expect to see workers piecing these sections together in the next few weeks according to the CTA.

If you are as fascinated with the history of the Wilson Station as we are, be sure to check out CTA historian Graham Garfield's website here.

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