Saturday, October 7, 2017

Putting The Pieces Back Together

Reconstructed terracotta has been installed over station entrance
New tile pieces that will be colored to match existing Gerber Building
We are still in the home stretch of our Wilson Station renovation.

Work is progressing quickly on the exterior of the Gerber Building. Terracotta pieces that were damaged were removed early on in the renovation. Reconstructed pieces are now reappearing in spots around the building. The pieces match so well, you might not even notice. Keep an eye on the main entrance of the Gerber Building as the clock tower that has been gone since the late 1950s is about to make a triumphant return.


  1. absolutely stunning, and long overdue.

  2. That will soon be the nicest CTA station outside of greater Downtown.

    Should help the Capplemaniac as he works toward drawing more businesses and people to Uptown. I just love the sight of construction equipment in the neighborhood.