Monday, September 26, 2016

New Temporary Entrances To Wilson Red Line Station Go Into Use Today

A reminder for passengers who use the Wilson station to access the Red Line:

Monday begins Phase 3 of the project, which should last about six months. The immediate changes you will see:
  • The main entrance to the station (Gerber Building) at 4620 Broadway is closed.
  • The auxiliary entrance on the south side of Wilson has closed.
  • The east platform is closed and is being dismantled.
  • The new west platform will be the only platform in use.
  • Riders can access the platform via
  • a temporary main entrance on the south side of the street (staffed, with fare vending machines), or
  • the temporary auxiliary entrance on the north side of the street (unstaffed; farecard required for entry).
CTA says this phase of the construction will accomplish the following:
"Existing Wilson Ave. and Gerber entrances closed; demolition and reconstruction of Track #3 (NB Red); and construction of new northbound shared platform."

"This newer platform offers more shelter from elements and is longer and wider than the old platform. The old platform will be closed permanently so a second new platform can be built. [...]

This phase of work requires continued three-track operations in which southbound Red and Purple Line Express trains share a single track between the Wilson station and the junction north of the Belmont station."

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