Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sarah's Circle Plans 7-Story Expansion at 4830-34 N. Sheridan

Proposal showing the plans for Sarah's Circle expansion with 7 story addition (Sarah's Circle)
Current view of the vintage storefront at 4830-34 N. Sheridan (Google)
1936 view of this same stretch of Sheridan with proposed building site (CDOT)
Sarah's Circle, which provides shelter, training, and job placement for homeless women, has presented plans for a 7 story addition just south of their current building at 4838 N. Sheridan that underwent a significant rehab from how it looked in 2009. The plans were presented to the Argyle-Winmore Block Club which is in support of the project and has sent a letter of support to Ald. Cappleman. Sarah's Circle entered into a "good neighbor" agreement in 2011 and according to neighboring block clubs, has been a responsible neighbor. Plans appear to call for the demolition of a vintage one story storefront (pictured above). You might remember this as the site of a proposed day labor agency by former Ald. Shiller that did not pan out after community objections. This old storefront at 4830-34 N. Sheridan has been around for a while and it would be wonderful to see it somehow integrated into the new, modern design.


  1. It is a statement by Sarah’s Circle to ‘demolish the past’ in order to build the future for homeless women shelter, training, and job placement. However, a more powerful statement might be to remember the past and to build on it for a better future. Saving the historic and human scale storefront not only preserves the integrity of the Uptown fabric, it remains pedestrian friendly and yet challenges the architect to be more creative in introducing a project design that meets their needs within the context and history of the neighbourhood

  2. Agree, Kevin. Organizations/companies that propose new development should not be allowed to destroy the architectural character and scale of our communities in the process.

  3. Good for them. I would like to see better renderings, but I don't think this one-story facade is significant enough to ask them to save.