Friday, February 19, 2016

Primary Crossfit Open On Sheridan

Please welcome Primary Crossfit & Yoga to Uptown! It opened in January and is located at 5050 North Sheridan, in the Uptown Regency, in a brand-new facility. According to its website, "CrossFit is a combination of training principles including cardiovascular, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, coordination and more."

Classes are offered each day; the schedule is here. Even better, the first class you take is free and there are free partner workouts at 9am on Saturdays.

Check them out on Facebook and the web.


  1. I've been there twice already, and I'd highly recommend the place.
    The workouts have been fun but challenging, and the instructors have been super patient with the out-of-shape guy (me). If you're looking to get fit, please come and join me, so that I'm not the only person who can't do a push-up!

  2. How are the prices? Is it only monthly subscription or do they offer drop in rates?

    1. It ain't cheap. They have both monthly and drop-in rates. Its all on their website.

  3. But for March only their offering half-off membership prices. It's a good deal and a great place.

  4. March Madness half off all memberships!!!