Saturday, December 26, 2015

Safeguard Storage On Sheridan Is Open

December 2015
2009, via Google Streetview
Got too much stuff and too little room? The new Safeguard Self-Storage at 5026 Sheridan is open for business.

It may not have been everyone's first choice for the real estate north of Tweet/Big Chicks, but it sure beats the long-empty storefronts that once housed a fast food joint/laundromat (complete with a faded "DALEY 2003" campaign sign in the window). Ald. Osterman worked with Safeguard to improve the aesthetics and the safety aspects of the building -- see the original design here, as well as a description of the agreed-upon modifications.

Safeguard's contact information and rental rates are here.


  1. Will they have a store inside that will sell packing materials similar to a UPS store?

  2. According to the link to their store in the post, they have boxes and shipping supplies.

  3. Is it just me, or is there not the "additional 3 feet of landscaping in front facing Sheridan" as the Alderman promised?

  4. Wow, so all those windows on the neighboring building are blocked? I am not sure I would be so happy with that one!

    1. Too bad. It's a populated city, no views are guaranteed. If you want one, but a condo in Lakepount Tower, but rent an apartment on the 5000 block on Sheridan next to a lot that previously had a building on it that probably blocked the view back then.