Friday, December 25, 2015

Dilapidated Building On Sheridan Going Condo (Updated)

A couple readers have asked if we know what's up with the little building at Windsor and Sheridan that's been boarded up for years. "There appears to be construction activity started at the small condemned building between 4526 and 4532 N Sheridan, but I cannot seem to find any building permits, owner info, or even records of the building existing. ... Can you dig up any info on what is happening at this building or what it used to be?"

The building has looked like this since we can remember. The red X tells first responders that it is unoccupied and not worth entering in case of a fire or other emergency. Photo from Google Streetview.
This is what it looked like in 1936 -- Windsor Hand Laundry (mending free!) The years haven't been kind to the building, and there may not even be a roof on it anymore. Photo is from the CDOT archives at the University of Chicago.
What's in its future? We hear that the condo building directly north of it has purchased it and is having the building taken down. The lot will be used as parking for the condo owners and their guests.

An update with some happier news:  "This is the 4536 N Sheridan Condo Association. We wanted to provide an update/correction to the story titled "Dilapidated Building on Sheridan Coming Down". This building has always been a part of our association. Although it was slated for demolition at one time, that is no longer the case. After the City condemned the building, the previous unit owner sold it to a developer who has some expertise in flipping condemned buildings. He is currently renovating the building into a lovely condo unit which will, once completed, be on the market. The new unit will remain a part of our association."

Update December 2016: The restoration is complete, and the rundown boarded-up building is now a spanking new 3-bedroom 2-bath loft condo. It's on the market for just under $500K. You can see the listing here. It's really nice, not the historic restoration we had hoped-for, but a welcome addition and most definitely an upgrade from the building with the peeling paint and red "X" on the front.

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