Monday, June 15, 2015

Locations For Bird Watching Tonight

For the first time in decades, the Hawks can clinch the Stanley Cup on their home ice.  If you want to watch history being made with some of your fellow fans, Uptown watering holes are ready for you. Here are just a few:

Buena Beach Bar & Grill isn't usually open on Mondays, but they're open tonight! $9 Italian Buffet. More info is here.
  • There's Crew, the only official Blackhawks Bar in Uptown.
  • Fat Cat is offering "$5 Burgers + $10 Chef's Choice Mac & Cheese + GAME 6. Let's go 'hawks! We'll have the game on with sound tonight." 
  • Drink & Ink, where proprietor Paul Collurafici says, "The only non-sports bar. Where beginners can jump on the bandwagon and then climb back off gracefully when it's over."
  • More?  Did we miss your favorite?  Put it in the comments.

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