Sunday, June 14, 2015

Homeless Man Stabbed, Killed On Broadway In Argument Over Socks

At 10pm, Broadway is closed to traffic north of Montrose as police and emergency vehicles surround the area.

Unconfirmed rumor is that someone was stabbed in front of Target. Unconfirmed, we're working on getting more information.

Stay away from the area if you don't need to be there.

Update:  We are hearing from people on the scene that a homeless man was stabbed by another homeless man.  Again, unconfirmed.  Working on getting official word.

Update:  This is from someone who's at the scene.  Two homeless men argued over a bag of socks that one had received.  The assailant stabbed the victim with an X-Acto knife.  The suspect is in custody.  Our informant is telling us that the injuries were severe and that the victim has died. The argument took place in the bus stop in front of Target. May the victim rest in peace.

Update:  Ald. Cappleman tweeted:  "2 people in a serious fight over selling socks, and one seriously stabbed in front of Target. A senseless act over socks."  We are hearing that one man got a package of socks for free, and tried to sell them to the other man.  The other man became angry he had gotten free socks and stabbed him.  Senseless tragedy.

Update:  From someone on the scene, we are hearing that the suspected assailant was hanging out with all his belongings in the bus stop in front of Target all day, and was wearing only a pair of shorts so he was quite memorable to witnesses. Allegedly got into an argument with the victim, which turned physical, and ended with an X-Acto knife being used.

Update:  The Tribune has a story about the murder, and so does the Sun-Times.


  1. might be true. i was outside target around 9:45p and i saw a strange looking old man with no shirt on and his neck was down like he had osteoporosis. he was by the bus shelter in front of target and he was carrying a chain and who knows what else. he was cussing either to someone or himself. when i came out, i saw all those police cars and meat wagons.

    1. Yes that's the guy who did it. We saw him immediately after it happened while the man was still bleeding out, he had the knife in his hand and the chain and everything else

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  2. Does anyone know what was happening on kenmore/wilson next to old TCF bank lot around the same time as this? someone was on the ground and it was a fire truck there...

  3. Oh my God, I saw the offender on Sunday. I noticed him immediately because he had no shirt on and was slumped over inside the bus shelter with all of his belongings around him. I saw him around 5:30 pm. I really hope the victim wasn't the African American man who is always at that bus stop asking people for money. He always nice to me and I see him every week. I can't believe this.