Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Corner Ripe For Transit-Oriented Development?

The infamous strip mall on the SE corner of Broadway & Wilson

Well, well, well. Now that the Wilson L renovation is underway, the strip mall just across from the station is now showing "available" by Shai Town Realty Group. Coincidence? Who knows.
The large, triangle-shaped parcel would be a prime piece of land for a developer looking to build a transit-oriented development.

Speaking of TOD, news today comes of the state senate passing a bill that would allow city council to create new transit-oriented TIF districts. Keep an eye on this corner. Things are likely to get hoppin' soon!

UU Note: Interested parties can reach Shai Town Realty at 312-276-5177 or email at info@ShaiTownRealty.com


  1. What is so great about a transit oriented TIF?. Already, city planners are turning Uptown into a "park to ride" transit location. That only helps those outside our neighborhood while making our already underserved with parking neighborhood more congested. Why give them our tax dollars to accomplish that goal?

    1. Please learn about TODs to make yourself a more informed person...

  2. It would be nice to see this strip maul replaced with something more substantial. Rebuilding of the NE corner will also hopefully follow in the future. Both sites held much more impressive buildings in the past.



      strip maul? Is that like Darth Maul nekked? I just looked and it's a thing. Star Wars porn fan fiction. Nekked female Darth Maul. It never occurred to me.

      I would expect some of the properties right around there will get developed over the next 2-7 years. Nothing regarding development is quick. First you gotta find a potential buyer. Then buyer gets a contract contingent on zoning change. Then alderman holds meeting. Then "the twerker" disrupts meeting while waxing lyrically about the historical importance of the curb cuts and the history of Dunkin Donuts both locally and as a brand that started in greater Boston.

      Seriously, the only serious opposition to development there would likely be from the owners of the stores located therein. If their leases are honored they won't have much of a legal argument......seriously. Then it will devolve into an argument about height/density/parking and any formal low income housing component. Also will the development displace anyone living in the Dunkin Donuts and what will Uptown do without that particular Currency Exchange.


      The underutilized parcels there are ripe for residential development. I'm ripe from not bathing. Saturday can't come quickly enough.

  3. How long did it take for the Dunkin Donuts at Belmont and Clark to developed?
    Hopefully it wont be in another 20-30 years, but that DD was way overdue for something else....

  4. This corner has unbelievable potential for the highrise density Uptown so desperately needs. I think this area will be unrecognizable in a few years.

  5. Is that clown that used to set up shop on the street corner and sell soap and stuff out of a suitcase still in business?

  6. A nice independently owned pet store or upscale grocery store would fit in nicely there. Broadway & Wilson is ground zero for much of the trouble in the area.

  7. Forget the TIF- have we not had enough of TIF development that conveys our tax money to private developers..... and STILL fails? The book has yet to be written on the Wilson Yards TIF- I suppose that it can be considered "successful" as long as the Target store remains in place, but the reminders of failures are close at hand, like the empty Border's space that the Lawrence-Broadway TIF brought us, or the dozens of other TIFs all over the city that have failed to produce tax revenues that equal those diverted by them, and look like they never will.

    In any case, Chicago can no longer afford TIF boondoggles and other subsidy pits, and never could. This city is manifestly broke. We need development that will pay its way, and better the area. Please, no more strip malls- the strip mall is utterly inappropriate for an urban neighborhood and is destined to become blighted before its time, just as this one has. Or, if you are going to have a strip, locate the parking behind the building, which should front on the street. I believe this neighborhood is now ripe for an attractive mixed use development of 4 or 5 stories, with retail spaces on the ground floor.

  8. What a fantastic opportunity to develop this with a new TOD. There are tons of them going up along the Milwaukee Ave. corridor and they are wildly successful in helping bring vibrancy, tax revenue, jobs, well visited businesses, and good citizens. I totally support a new high rise in an area that sorely needs it. Build it!