Wednesday, April 1, 2015

46th Ward Candidates Face Off On Chicago Tonight

Here's a link if the video above won't work for you.


  1. I won't rehash my comment from another thread.

    Howevah, Capp was onto something regarding Team Amy's money train.

    I just looked at the state website here's Team Amy's rough money totals.

    189 receipts totaling $263,094.77

    78 receipts totaling $182,963.39 from Kirkland employees.

    Quick IrishPirate math.

    70 percent of her total dollar volume in donations linked to Kirkland.

    About $18,000 not from herself or her wife from 46th Ward related businesses or residents.

    Now she's loaned her campaign 85K.

    Subtract that and that's roughly 178,000.

    Roughly 18K from da ward.

    Examine sheep entrails and move abacus back and forth.................

    Capp was correct. Not counting herself roughly 90 percent of her moola is from outside da ward. Ok maybe he was off by a percent.

    Mini debate got a bit heated. However, I believe that I can say with 400 percent accuracy that Capp held his own against the onslaught of "Nuance".

    At least the moola that's required to be reported.

  2. I was going to make a comment but this post off the Facebook Uptown Update page says it better than I would have.

    Sareeta Berkeley:

    I was at those meetings about the Wilson L and Stewart School last spring. All three of them. Cappleman was there. Denice Davis was there. You know who wasn't there? Amy Crawford. She told a lie on TV, got caught, and tried to cover up by saying it didn't matter how many meetings an alderman attended. No ethics at all.
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    That and the numbers IP is posting shows more crap. Less then ten ward donors? Ten as in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10? Now self funded candidates often largely bankroll their campaigns. Has one law firm ever bankrolled one candidate to this extent? It likely has but I have never seen it.

    The the donation from the auto place on Broadway coupled with the other donations where people are mad at Cappleman for not upzoning their properties makes me wonder what is in store for Broadway if Crawford gets elected. I could see stuff as tall or a bit taller than the newer buildings on 4400 Clark St. but much beyond that? Years ago there was a midrise planned for the 7/11 property on Broadway but the real estate market tanked. Maybe 2006 or so. Is that what a Crawford aldermanic office would support or would it be taller/?

  3. Just because IP brought it up in another thread, I have to agree about her makeup--if Amy found herself walking alone, late at night, in the Boystown section of the Ward (not that she would ever be caught WALKING anywhere in the Ward), she would likely be accosted by a group of gay biker-type men who would hold her down, do her hair, do her makeup, change her costume jewelry, and verbally abuse her for her bad fashion. Then they'd hail a cab to send her back home to Ohio to make sure she was safe from being mistaken for a bad drag queen.

    Of course, if she was familiar with the Ward, she would know where Boystown is to begin with, and she wouldn't make that sort of mistake. But I don't need to point out again that she was never seen at anything inside the Ward before she decided to run for alderman for her law firm...

  4. The fashion business is unimportant except that it points out what has been going on since she declared. What we are seeing is a formerly non involved ward resident and hard nosed lawyer trying to portray herself as an involved caring individual with a softer persona. It seems like it is driven by marketing or campaign consultants and not who she really is. It is like the clearly staged photos she has had on some of her literature which try to portray something that really is not true. You know the caring woman talking to the parents with the cute kids on Lawrence? How do I know the photos were staged? Well the softer makeup is one clue.

    If she had been involved in the ward for years, she was not involved in any meaninful way, and had portrayed herself as she really is a bright, tough lawyer and lesbian she likely would have been better off. Instead we get this faux show of trying to appear softer and more involved than she actually is/was. It has not worked.

    Maybe it will work on Tuesday. I doubt it though. Her reaction in the channel eleven debate to being called out on not going to meetings is classic. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Actually it does matter. Maybe it was here or somewhere else but someone commented that she performed the impossible as coming off as a carpetbagger in a ward where she has lived for ten years or more.

  5. And the latest is a "personal letter" in the mail today from "Doug L.", who supposedly lives near Leland and Malden. Gosh darn, he and his wife and two young kids moved away in 2010, then moved back in 2014, only to find "no improvement" in safety as Wifey cowered in fear in a garage during a shooting a couple hundred feet away...and gosh, Cappleman is nice, but he has no leadership nor ability to solve community problems! On the other hand, Amy is a smart, strong community leader who got endorsements from outside the neighborhood!

    No return address. Footnote on cheap paper "Paid for by Friends of Amy Crawford." No real identification of "Doug"--probably fictional character invented by her campaign. "Community leader" is certainly fictional, since no one can say they've seen her in the community before running, let alone leading on ANYTHING in the Ward. Hear the echo? Frankly, I'd be surprised if she could drive herself from her home to Leland and Malden without getting lost and winding up in Milwaukee.

    Smells like desperation.

    1. I received a similar letter from "Emily Miller" who lives on Clarendon. Real person. I looked her up online twitter. Same paper and an envelope postmarked March 31 with a Carol Stream postmark. I voted early last week. They should be saving their campaign money. Claims to have met Crawford while working on the Obama campaign in Ohio in 2008. Another coincidence I guess. Mentions newspaper and police union endorsement.

      Looks like the letter was copied based on the signature and then the addressess part was changed on each letter. Maybe they are using supporters from each part of the ward to reach out to nearby voters. Buena Park gets Emily Miller and Sheridan Park gets Doug? Signature looks clearly like a copy of a copy. Not the most professional looking thing. They could not hire someone to sign a few thousands of these to make them look real?

      I voted for James! Too late to change my vote and I would not change it anyway. Hopefully James' victory party will be at Michael's on Broadway. That way I can stumble home afterward!

  6. I posted a comment that was nasty and named names. UU didn't publish it. THPPPPPT. Probably for the best. THPPPPPT.

    The described letters are similar to letters that came out toward the end of the 2011 race from the Phelan campaign. Nothing new about that and the letter writers are likely real ward residents. I haven't seen a letter up close yet as I'm sitting at the dock of the bay or sitting at an airport waiting to fly into Midway.

    I voted early last week. If I die between now and Tuesday from a grabber brought on by excessive red meat I want my penultimate thought to be about voting. I want my last thought to be about.........(not posted because of pornographic content)