Thursday, April 2, 2015

Designslinger Calls It A Day, But Restores Its Archives For Posterity

The Bridgeview Bank lobby, as seen through Designslinger's lens
If you love learning about Chicago's history (with luscious photos to go along with the lessons), you're probably already aware of Designslinger.  Jim and Mitch go around the city taking pictures of some of its most unique and historical buildings, then research the hows and whys of how they came to be.  It's been one of our favorite websites.

So we were very sad to read this email from them:
When we worked in the movie business and the Assistant Director called, "That's a wrap" on the last day of principal photography, it meant that the time had come - once again - for us to move on to a new project. Well, we're calling it a "Wrap," at designslinger. It has been a great adventure, but the time has come for us to move on to new projects here in Chicago.

But we're not disappearing from the world wide web entirely. Mitch has worked very hard over the past few weeks to make designslinger searchable and web accessible once again - remember our Disaster! post of a few weeks ago??? So although won't exist any longer as a weekly feature of architecturally inspired stories, our library of over 400 buildings will be available at
We wish Jim and Mitch much happiness and success in their next venture, whatever it is, and we thank them for posting so diligently and doing so much painstaking research.  It's been a real pleasure to see Uptown, and huge swatches of the city, through their eyes and camera lens.

Here are some of their Uptown vignettes (but really, the entire site is pretty amazing - you should check it out):

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