Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just In! Video Of Saturday's Aldermanic Debate

If you're still undecided about who to vote for in Tuesday's aldermanic run-off, here's something that might help you make a decision:  video of the Crawford/Cappleman debate last Saturday.  Thanks to the League of Women Voters and CAN-TV for making this available to voters and residents.


  1. I do like the debate vids. Makes it easier for those who either can't make it or can't stand the idea of seeing Littleton twerk before every public event.

    Speaking of public events tomorrow Team Amy is having a meet and greet over at the European Auto place on Broadway.

    I refuse to hyperlink, but if anyone goes please ask Herr Preis if he's considering asking an alderman Crawford for some upzoning on that property. WOWIE. I'm a naturally suspicious kinda pirate so don't listen to what he says, but how he says it. Again I personally would support upzoning there as I think it's appropriate. I just suspect he doesn't think an Alderman Cappleman might deliver as well for HIM as an Alderman Crawford would. Cappleman has already shown a willingness to take campaign donations from folks and then after community input not give those folks the upzoning they were looking for. Can you say Finans? I knew you could. They donated to Cappleman before they didn't get the zoning they wanted on the property where the late lamented house was.

    Also for extra wowie check out the parody site Again no hyperlink. Some of you are undeserving.

  2. Ok, Here we go again. I'm Amy. My claim to fame is that which I was paid to do as a lawyer and what I did to qualify to adopt a child for myself. That's community service? Right? Isn't it? Ah come on, Community Service and being an alderman is all about benefiting oneself, isn't it? I mean, I live near where others in the community do things. That counts right?? Huh????

    1. I heard that a poll taken of JPUSA, Shilleristas, and twerkers shows Amy won this debate by 400 PERCENT. WOWIE!

      All indications are that no matter the outcome in 6 days Amy will have won by 400 PERCENT. WOWIE!

      I'm waiting for the WTTW video to go up. I have no doubt that two out of three dentists who watched will say Amy won by 400 PERCENT.

      Seriously once I see the WTTW vid goes up I will post it. I missed it myself as I ended up talking to one of my neighbors about early voting. Early voting is easy if you're around Truman or another site. Just bring that voter card the Board of Elections send out. WOWIE!