Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"The Public Barber" & "Pine & Plastic" Finalists For FLATS Project

Which of these two great businesses would you like to see in a FLATS storefront in Uptown?
Vote now for either "Pine & Plastic" who manufacture locally crafted totes or "The Public Barber" which will provide old school grooming to a new generation. The winner will receive free rent for a year in a FLATS storefront. Voting ends August 31 at midnight.

More info on the businesses and the link for voting can be found here. Good luck to both participants!


  1. this is a really cool idea but im having difficulty choosing because both of them are equally unappealing to me. I guess I'll go with the tote bag place because the other one is strictly for men and I'm female.

  2. Public barber sounds great for a community gathering place and a draw for more commerce in this area . Also , I don't think a tote store can thrive at this location

  3. Were speaking of the two alternatives being proposed and the probability of their success at this particular location.

  4. What happens after the tote market gets saturated and no one needs more? The nice thing about a barber shop is that the clientele keeps coming back on a regular basis, and the nice thing about a BUSY barber shop is that there's a lot of traffic on the sidewalk going in and out--clientele of the right type. And they'll spend money in the surrounding shops and restaurants when they're coming and going. Audsquad must be a lesbian feminist separatist who doesn't associate with men--otherwise, there would be men and boys she knows who would be able to use the services of the barbershop and help keep money and people in the neighborhood!

    1. Was that personal attack really necessary? Its called an opinion and im allowed to have one.

    2. Damn, Bear--that was pretty unkind.. :(

  5. Ursine one,

    What's wrong? It's been a beautiful summer. Well up until the last few humid days. Election season is upon us with all the chances that will provide for nastiness, snark and sarcasm. I am so looking forward to annoying those with pure hearts and unclean beards. By that I mean the Denice supporters.

    Turn that frown upside down! Littlelton is the first person who RSVP'd for Cappleman's campaign event on Sunday. That likely means manic twerking and dancing for the camera. Couple that with the counter-march and an amusing time should be had by all.

    What business fills the FLATS space is less important to me than it be filled. I shave my head anyway. I've been rubbing motor oil on my noggin so I can imitate Colonel Kurtz and sit outside Denice's campaign HQ, assuming she gets one, and mutter over and over:

    "The Horror. The Horror".

    I plan to stop by Cappleman's campaign office and sign his petition. He needs twice as many signatures as last time to get on the ballot. The law changed. Unfortunately, I can only legally sign with my real ID. My other personalities don't register to vote and internet taunting doesn't require any "legal" registration. Alas.

    Perhaps I will bring some burgers and shakes from Sonic over to CappleHQ and offer Littleton some lovely fries. I know how he LUVES Sonic and the resulting curb cuts. Did you know that so far no one has been reported killed or gravely injured directly because of the Sonic curb cuts? I was surprised. Given the horror expressed by Littlelton I expected a Cappleplanner bloodbath.

    The only injuries reported so far have been related to the Littlelton Twerking protests in the curb cuts. I heard, or more likely I'm just making this up, that three Chicago cops, put in for disability retirement after witnessing the artistic twerking.