Thursday, August 21, 2014

Construction Continues On Truman College's "North Entrance Plaza"

The current view outside the Wilson Avenue entrance to Truman College
If you are a student at Truman or just a neighbor who passes by on a regular basis, you may have noticed construction fencing outside the Wilson Avenue entrances to Truman College. We poked around on Truman's Facebook page and found out what is in store for this area:

"Construction of the north entrance plaza for Harry S Truman College continues. The design calls for a new, more defined and inviting entrance and garden area. The north entrance plaza construction is in response to campus community requests to create an outdoor space for Truman’s students, faculty and staff to meet and study. The space will include a variety of raised planting, beds that define the space, an arbored walkway, and new as well as existing trees to provide shaded seating areas. A faculty and staff advisory committee is working with the designer on a landscape plan that will include plantings and trellises that are in keeping with the Sustainable Chicago 2015 goals."


  1. Really? They cut down a LOT of healthy mature trees all around the main building when they felt they had to re-do everything during the parking deck they want to put in new ones. And I distinctly recall seeing that the currently-barren plaza between the parking deck and the main building was designated an outdoor student gathering area. I'd love to know why they've apparently abandoned that area to spend even more tax dollars to create something where they previously destroyed something. And why haven't they told the surrounding community about their plans?

  2. All this construction here looks like it could increase the rat population that we have. I recently seen 3 of them near a dumpster while walking my dog. Folks need to close and secure their garbage to keep the rat population down.

  3. It's looking good!

  4. Didn't they just redo that front area like a year or two ago?