Monday, July 14, 2014

Uptown Man Charged In Edgewater Murder

You may have read the story this weekend of a photographer from Wisconsin named Wil Lewis, who was gunned down on Devon Avenue. He seemingly had no gang ties, no criminal record, so his execution on the border of Rogers Park and Edgewater seems like a horrible mistake.

Today the police are saying that his accused murderer is under arrest and charged with a variety of crimes, ranging from one count of First Degree Murder to Reckless Driving.  The accused's name is Eric Vaughn, age 31, and his address is given as the 4400 block of Clarendon.  He is to appear in bond court at 26th and Cal today.

UU Note:  The 4400 block of Clarendon, though ... no residences that we're aware of, but we could be wrong.  Seems like that stretch is all Maryville, the park, and parking lots.

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