Saturday, May 24, 2014

Man Shot At Windsor/Hazel Tonight,
Updated: Victim Has Died

You're going to want to avoid Hazel and Windsor for a while, as it was the site of a shooting around 8:05 tonight, and now it's blocked off as police investigate.

Witnesses tell us they heard up to seven gunshots and a man was then seen lying on the ground near the southwest corner of the intersection.  First responders were on the scene within a minute or two.  The victim was put on a gurney, and was taken away by ambulance within ten minutes of being shot.

The police have taped off the intersection and are currently conducting an evidence investigation.

More when/if we hear more.

Update:  The Tribune has a paragraph in a larger article about the shootings around Chicago this weekend: "About 8:05 p.m., a 23-year-old man was shot in the chest in the 900 block of Windsor Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood. He was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, police said."

The Sun-Times says the man was shot in the chest and is critically wounded.

Update:  The shooting has become a murder.  The man passed away from wounds sustained.  Our sympathies to his friends and family who grieve his loss.

Update:  Ald. Cappleman tweeted:  "Victim from today's shooting died. Will discuss plan with police to prevent possible retaliation. Had spoken many warnings to CVLs [Conservative Vice Lord street gang] recently."

Update:  The victim is Corteze Reed, whose address is given as the 1900 block of Chase Avenue in Rogers Park (although he has been a familiar face in Uptown since at least 2009).  Witnesses who heard the shooting say they didn't see any cars speeding away, so it may have been a pedestrian or a biker who fired the shots.  Again, our condolences to Mr. Reed's friends and family, who are grieving the loss of a loved one.


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  2. I went there immediately after I saw it reported on this website, I live a block away. About a half hour before this incident I was walking down Hazel, past Wilson, with a friend of mine saying they're (the gangs) always hanging out here. We both were wondering why there aren't any signs posted saying No Trespassing or Loitering? We then sat on the bench facing Wilson and I remarked that it was quiet tonight because of the weather. Wish it could've stayed that way...

  3. This is one of the areas noted as a hot spot at the last CAPS meeting a couple weeks ago. Always feel free to call 911 if you think gang activity is taking place.

  4. The person shot was from Rogers Park. The last time I remember this happened, the guy shot was also from Rogers Park. There must be a somewhat long distance turf war going on?

  5. I'm sorry to say but this has nothing to do with cvl. Until somthing else is done they will continue to count our bodies. That is all.

  6. Wang Chung, it could be, but gang members' addresses seem to be more "fluid" than most folks'. Corteze Reed, the victim, has a long history of convictions for gun violence in the Uptown area, so he may have lived more locally than Rogers Park.

    He was arrested in February 2009 for firing shots at Sheridan and Leland at a time when kids from Alternatives were just getting out for the evening, and again in November 2009 for shots fired at Sheridan and Lakeside.

    1. So why was he allowed to walk the streets? (rhetorical question) Attempted murder, a couple of times even, isn't that serious in Chicago it seems.

  7. It is sad that this guy lost his life, but it appears our justice system has failed. If he was truly convicted 2x for gun violence.. His address should have been cook county jail. The problem is our elected officials and judges aren't foxing the law being imposed. If we started making these criminals pay, maybe these things would start to drop.

    If let McCarthy impose his broken window philosophy, It would start to make life uncomfortable at best

  8. Why is it sad? He engaged in a risky lifestyle and paid the price! I don't feel sorry for this guy at all. One less gangbanger on the street. Sounds good to me!

  9. crazy,your right. The "broken window" crime fighting helped clean up NYC. The CPD needs to put a stop to the public drinking, panhandling, vagrancy, littering, ect.....