Saturday, May 24, 2014

Uptowners Help Families Displaced By Fire

Ald. Cappleman tweeted this photo of the donations his office has received for the three families forced from their homes earlier this month by a building fire.  He said,

"An unbelievable response for clothing and food for families affected by fire. 3 or 4 large truckloads so far."

We've heard of residents who brought in donations, asked what was still needed, and then went down the street to Target to buy more. Awesome indeed.

If you'd like to make a donation of goods (cash can't be accepted), the list of what is needed, along with sizes, is here. We haven't heard specifically in this case, but new undergarments are always welcome and not often thought of.

The 46th Ward office is closed Saturday and Monday for the holiday weekend, but will reopen on Tuesday, with late hours on Wednesday, and Saturday morning hours resuming next weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has helped these families.  Your generosity is overwhelming.

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  1. After so many years of Helen Shiller and her groupies trying to pit one group of people against others just to maintain power, and so many years of staged complaints that we (choose one or more of the following) a) don't care about the homeless, b) don't care about the poor, c) don't care about gang members, d) don't care about single mothers--it speaks volumes about who we are as a community when there's an outpouring of support for people here who really need a hand. It reaffirms my faith in a real humanity, and makes me proud to say that I'm an Uptowner when I can say that these people are my neighbors.