Monday, May 19, 2014

Look! Up In The Sky! It's A Bird! It's A Plane!

Several readers have told us that they saw a helicopter, possibly two, fly over Cricket Hill and land there around 4:30 this afternoon.  Looks like the one pictured is in the Wilson Skate Park, where Marine One and its two buddies landed when Obama was here in 2011.

So the question is, who was here and why did he or she arrive via helicopter?  Anyone know?

Update:  The helicopters (technically not helicopters, but Bell Boeing V-22 Ospreys) were spotted flying all over town.  The consensus is that they are having a trial run for the visit of President Obama to Chicago.  He'll be at two fundraisers here, on the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park, on Thursday night and will depart on Friday.  Probably not a good idea to plan on using the Wilson Skate Park much Thursday and Friday.


  1. I saw 3 of these (V-22 Ospreys) heading out of downtown in the afternoon, headling north/northwest. Followed by 2 military helicopters doing a loop around the west loop. Perhaps a training mission?

  2. I saw 3 of these fly over my work in the Mayfair neighborhood today, followed shortly by 2 Marine One style "Obama-copters". They tend to fly over my work whenever the POTUS comes to town.

  3. There were a total of 5 helicopters - 3 Ospreys and 2 large military choppers - that landed at some point at Montrose Harbor. As one helicopter would take off, another would land. I don't think more than 3 of these 5 were on the ground at the same point. Plus, there was some sort of smaller drone-looking thing that circled, but did not land, and seemed to be overseeing the overall logistics. I happened to be home watching directly across LSD from the activity. It would have made a great scene in a movie, but it did not seem that is what it was - very large and creepy looking Ospreys and little drone-looking thing with a propeller on it.