Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cousins Closes; Catering/Events Company Opens

After reopening last March, it looks like The Cousins restaurant has closed its doors again, and permanently.

It comes as a shock to its loyal fans.  Especially since some of us were there as recently as this past week for lunch.

A reader noticed that they weren't open during regular business hours last Friday, and today saw a sign for Brix Catering & Events in the window.

A quick visit to Brix's website and Facebook page confirms that the company's new event space is 1463 West Leland.

So farewell to great soup in the winter and Leland Chicken sandwiches on the sidewalk patio in the summer. Cousins, we'll miss you.

Welcome to Brix Catering & Events, for whom we wish great success in Uptown.


  1. Meh, Cousins was ok. It wasn't anything to write home about. Nope, no home writing will be done for Cousins.

  2. I was a big fan. I loved the chiliquiles for brunch. My wife and I are sad to see them go.

  3. I agree with Wang Chung. It was a nice place to get a simple bite with a nice spot for outdoor dining. Other than that, the food was fine. Nothing more, nothing less. I am happy though that there is another tenant filling in immediately following the departure of Cousins!