Monday, May 5, 2014

New Construction At 4415-23 North Clark

Construction has begun on the 4400 block of Clark on three empty lots that we've been watching for several years, from fire to "no entry" to teardown.

In autumn of 2012, a zoning change was applied for for the purpose of building 18 residential units with ground floor retail in a four-story building.

Last month the developer who had applied for the zoning change started work on the lots.  The work is being done by the same construction company that went in and fixed the flood-damaged "Mosa Building" on Leland and brought it up to code from the damages created by a slumlord who had illegally converted it to condos.

We'll watch and see what happens.  This block has been neglected for a long time and is finally starting to get some attention with the openings of Pecking Order and the new Black Ensemble Theater building.

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