Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Construction Coming To Dover Street?

Possible rendering of 4753 Dover
The side lot next to St. John's Assyrian Church on the 4700 block of Dover is under construction as of this week. We're hearing that the owners of the lot requested a zoning change last year, which was not approved by the block club. The latest we hear is that the plans were redrawn to conform to the property's R-3 zoning. No idea what will be going in. We'll share if and when we know more.

Update: After a bit more digging, we came across this rendering of the proposed 2 dwelling residence at 4753 Dover. Hat-tip to UU reader Kieran for coming across the building permit info. We aren't sure how accurate this rendering is, as it was posted last June, though it gives us a good idea of what to expect.


  1. Permit info online for 4753 Dover says "NEW 2 DWELLING UNIT RESIDENCE WITH 3 CAR GARAGE AS PER PLANS". Some of the permit correction comments also mention a pool.

  2. How can a zoning change be denied by a non-elected block club? Crazy!

  3. It's Cappleman's policy that any zoning change for a project under $10 million goes to the block club and not the full Zoning Committee. Jason, weren't you paying attention when it happened in your own block club area last December? Remember the 1896 Victorian home on Magnolia? Remember your block club voted to deny the upzoning? I know you were aware of it because you were commenting all over the place. Blackout? ;-)

  4. It's nice to see that the developer in this instance complied with the community's zoning. Maybe they'd like to buy some empty lots on Magnolia, Beacon and Malden as well?