Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LSD Closed In Both Directions Due To Mysterious Package

We're hearing a ton of helicopters and we're hearing from readers that Lake Shore Drive has been closed in both directions between Wilson and Foster.

According to the Tribune, a suspicious package was found at the Drive near Lawrence. Probably (hopefully) much ado about nothing, but better to be safe than not.  Anyone got any further info?

Update:  Sun-Times has the story with a cool photo.

Update:  Tribune's Facebook page says the "suspicious package" resembles a blue sleeping bag in a case.  Now how on earth did THAT get near the Drive and Lawrence?

Update:  As of 2:28pm, a Facebook reader says, "Roads are clear. Traffic normal again."

Update:  The updated Tribune story says, "The item is believed to have belonged to one of the homeless people who frequently sleep under the viaducts under the Lake Shore Drive in the Uptown neighborhood, according to a police source."


  1. I so knew it was going to be a homeless person's clothes.

  2. Well it was either a sleeping bag or drugs....

  3. There was a helicopter hovering over Kenmore between Wilson and Leland. I honest thought it was tracking me because as I was walking north,it was hovering north in reverse. It stopped once I reached my destination and continued to whirl overhead for a good hour at least....