Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacant Lot At Lawrence & Clark Being Cleared For Future Development

View looking west along Clark
View looking north along Lawrence
NW corner of Lawrence and Clark as seen on April 15
News broke recently on Ald. Pawar's Facebook page about the long-overdue development of the lot on the NW corner of Lawrence and Clark. Pawar's office shared that the developer is Candea Developments, who have done projects around Uptown. Candea is wasting no time in clearing the lot of trash and rubble as you can see by the dumpster on the lot (above). Check out Candea's "recent projects" and "in progress" to get an idea of their development style. We are ecstatic to see more progress in this neck of Uptown. Between the Backyard Andersonville townhomes and this, things are certainly looking up along north Clark! When a rendering and site plan surface, we will be sure to share it with you. Pawar's office says the proposed building will conform to current zoning regulations on the lot. You can see what once occupied the lot below.

Update: Ald. Pawar's website has been updated with the official plans from Candea.
A reminder of the height of the building that once stood on this corner


  1. Wow, how old is that picture? Marloboros were only $5.50 a pack! And if I remember correctly, the store gave you a free lighter with each cig purchase.

  2. That was the building I lived in from 62 thru 70. Crazy place when the Kinetic was there. That ground floor was a bar and the Chicago Bar supply was on Lawrence. We had a great view of the cemetery from the 3rd floor corner apartment. Little known fact about that building was that there was a solarium in the middle....