Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mad Chess Skills Wanted For Goudy Fundraiser

Are you into capturing kings or plotting the Sicilian Defense?  Or maybe you just like playing chess and eating Chinese barbecue?

On Tuesday, March 11th, you can test your talent against the amazing award-winning players of the Goudy Chess Club at their second annual fundraiser at Sun Wah Restaurant (5039 N Broadway).  The chess tourney takes place at 6pm, with an eight-course dinner following at 7pm.

The dinner will feature the best of Sun-Wah's menu:  Beijing Duck Dinner (including buns, soup and fried rice); hand-shredded salt baked chicken; stir-fried baby bok choy; five spiced tofu with chive flowers; hakka style tofu; clams with black bean sauce; fish fillet with ginger & green onions; and beef with broccoli.

The entire evening -- food and chess -- is available for $30.  Interested?  Reserve your place by calling or e-mailing Sun Wah today at (773) 769-1254 or

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